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Our Best-Selling Course gives you the best of both worlds:

Awesome physical stretch workouts AND transformational shifts in mindset and heart-set you can take with you off the mat and into your day.

This course is designed to take you systematically from beginner levels to intermediate and advanced practice.

Enjoy 30 transformational sessions that covers a wide range of topics, practices and style of Yoga taught by a Master Instructor. There is something for every state of being, experience level and energy level!

Dive in to energize, or heal and restore. Sessions range in length from 12 minutes to an hour.

  • Get started with sessions such as:
  • Cultivating Upper Body Strength
  • Opening your Hamstrings
  • Ayurvedic Yoga for Healing Headaches
  • Shoulder Opening: Shift Your Relationship to Stress
  • Yoga at Your Desk (yes, you can do this one in your work clothes!)
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Opening the Quads & Hamstrings
  • Deep Restorative Sessions

Let’s get flexible, fit, inspired and happy!